My Rewards Points programme
Egypt’s most exciting Rewards programme.


No, you will only be able to make a booking for the tickets you have enough Rewards Points to purchase. Additional tickets can be booked elsewhere, e.g. with a travel agency or directly with the airline of your choice.
No. All outbound and return flights must be booked and confirmed at the time of booking.
No. All Rewards Points will expire after 36 months or if the account has been inactive for 15 months.
No. Flight quotes apply for flight tickets booked at the time of calling. If you are unable to commit to the booking at this time please note your Flight reward quote might change if you call back to book.
No. Rewards Points cannot be exchanged by cash.
No. Rewards Points cannot be transferred to anyone else
No. The HSBC Rewards Points programme is applicable to all HSBC Premier MasterCard, Advance MasterCard, and Visa Platinum credit card holders only.
Only the Primary Cardholder can request for the redemption of Rewards Points.